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Mayarie is passionate about data driven digital strategies that grows brands. We package our strategies with eye-catching design and storytelling. 

We have a team of designers, developers, and digital strategists who use their skills to launch campaigns that engage audiences and helps brands stand out in a sea of competitors.
Our team can create amazing online experiences, beginning with in-depth market research, foundational strategies, and professional execution. We're ready to help you develop a 24/7 business generating website for your brand, manage your paid ads strategy, develop powerful web applications and online marketing campaigns.

Our client results speak for themselves. 

Local Health

Local Health came to Mayarie for direction on supercharging there online growth for the more than 300 Telepharmacies they manage. There goal was to increase access to healthcare across rural communities by opening tele-pharmacies in areas without a pharmacy in a ten-mile radius. Our Digital Strategists put them on the right track with a synergistic application of SEO, Web Development, Paids Ads and Social Media.
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Dogemon are cute animated NFT collectibles with varying scarcities. Many cute and fluffy monsters for all the top crypto projects are being designed daily! Mayarie is working to solve the creative growth challenges that Dogemon faces in the competitive Blockchain and NFT market.
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Waggy Walkys

With GPS-enabled walks, Waggy Walkys provides pet parents the peace of mind that their furry family member was well taken care of. A detailed map of their pet’s adventures is provided daily! Our team at Mayarie got them up 
and running for success with a complete website and 
user experience makeover. 
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Evolve Computer brings years of computer and apple repair experience with its team. They created a company on the simple belief that all customers need a trustworthy & reliable place to buy pre-owned Apple products and a place to take their electronics for repair. What they needed was an authoritative online presence that could demand digital sales and growth. Our team at Mayarie rolled up there sleeves and went to work to make it happen.

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NEXUS is a powerful algorithm that connects to private data & plugs into you charts to help notify you when it's time to buy or sell in any market in real time.
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Our team of global experts in web design build and manage your very own website, so you can continue focusing on what matters the most in your business. Mayarie provided website development and whitelabel management services.

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Creative Powerhouse
As an award-winning digital agency, our team has been producing amazing websites for over 10 years.
We build your brand. From day one. From your logo, to your marketing material, to your website, to e-commerce capabilities, all the way through to long term strategies for audience development.

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